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Slide The 2023 Rose Mountain
Rumble is on!
The moment we've all been waiting for... Get ready to rumble!
Slide Choose from the new 80, 66, 45 and 25 mile courses! Have we got courses for you... And so much more!

The 8th Annual RMR · August 26, 2023 · Cycling Dirt Roads to Benefit Conservation

The Rose Mountain Rumble

Gravel.  Dirt.  Gravel Grinder.  Call it what you want.  Jest at what you may refer to as “that’s just a road ride”.  One thing is for certain: The Rose Mountain Rumble is one heck of a ride!  The RMR provides non-timed routes that twist and wind their way through old dirt roadbeds long-forgotten linking the quaint New England town centers of Lyndeborough, Francestown, Temple, New Boston and surrounding towns akin to a snapshot from our nation’s scrapbook.  We’ve unlocked all the best-kept secrets of Southern New Hampshire’s vast network of well-maintained dirt roads and welcome riders of every ability, offering a variety of route options from a 25-miler for casual riders to a full 80 mile course to challenge the hardiest cyclist. The 25 mile course remains marked while the 45, 66 and 80 mile courses are unmarked.  Be sure to follow your provided cue sheets and download the supplied GPX courses ahead of time which are found on the Courses page.  The ride begins and ends at Lyndeborough Center Hall, with a delicious post-ride lunch provided by the Wilton-Lyndeborough Women’s Club.  Net proceeds benefit the Piscataquog Land Conservancy. So come join us to trace your way through historic, rock-wall lined, narrow roads that lead to scenic overlooks and enjoy the peace and quiet from the bustle you may call home.  You haven’t truly ridden until you’ve ridden the Rose Mountain Rumble!



· August 26, 2023
· Sign in Starts at 7:30am
· 9am Ride Start
· Lyndeborough Town Hall
1131 Center Road, Lyndeborough, NH 03082


· NH’s finest narrow, rock wall lined dirt roads.
· Water stations along the way.
· Free lunch post ride.
· T-Shirt included with your registration.
· All Proceeds Benefit Local Conservation.


· 80 & 66 mile unmarked courses tests your mettle.
· 45 mile unmarked course is fast & fun for all abilities.
· 25 mile course is marked for a modest challenge.
· Thrilling descents via forested roads.
· 80, 66, & 45mi riders: Be prepared to be self-sufficient!


RMR 80 Miler

The 80 Mile course boasts approximately 2,020m / 6,630′ of elevation gain. Water stops are provided along the course but be sure to bring water and food to be self sufficient. Not for the faint of heart: Experienced riders need apply! A lunch is provided at course's end.

RMR 66 Miler

The 66 Mile boasts approximately 1,772m / 5,814′ of elevation gain. Water stops are provided along the course but be sure to bring sufficient water and food. Bring a spare and don't forget your tool kit! A lunch is provided at course's end but come prepared with food and water to be self-sufficient.

RMR 45 Miler

45 miler sports approximately 995m / 3,264′ of elevation gain, has ample water stops just like the 66 and 80 mile courses with lunch provided at course's end. Be sure to bring water and food to be self-sufficient. A lunch will be waiting for riders post ride.

RMR 25 Miler

Our 25 Miler brings a total elevation gain of 509m / 1,670′, ample water stops are provided along the course but don't forget a spare tube, patch kit, tools and water with a few snacks just in case! Lunch is provided at course's end. You come for the ride, but you stay for the meal.


THE RMR 66 Miler

The Rose Mountain Rumble’s 66 mile course option takes you out of town and into the sticks.  If the 45 miler is no joke, the RMR 66 miler takes things up a few notches.  We’re bringin’ the hammer with the nails with this one!  A minimum of 32mm tires are recommended. The course begins at the Historic Lyndeborough Old Town Hall alongside the 45 and 25-mile course, which quickly enters gravel.  Leave the at kids home.  Pack an extra set of undies and make sure you have mom’s phone number just in case. The 66 mile course is equally a fast-paced ripper chocked full of scenic dirt roads, good tree cover, scenic overlooks, technical descents and climbs but takes you into some rough territory.  Be prepared.  You don’t want to miss this one!

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All proceeds from the RMR benefit the Piscataquog Land Conservancy (PLC), a non-profit land conservation organization working to conserve the natural resources and scenic beauty of the Piscataquog, Souhegan and Nashua River valleys of southern New Hampshire.   The inaugural RMR was held in August 2015 as part of PLC’s successful campaign to protect 189 acres surrounding the summit of Rose Mountain in Lyndeborough, NH. The land was protected, the ride was great and the name stuck!


A special thank you to all of our event sponsors.  We hope to see you and more of your friends again for the Rose Mountain Rumble!